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Expert guidance to ensure your Will keeps up with your circumstances

At Liston Newton Advisory we can help you identify if it’s time to review your Will. We can review it with you, and engage a solicitor to ensure it's up to date with your financial circumstances.

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Ensure your Will review is undertaken by the experts

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Holistic advice

Your Will doesn’t cover just one thing, and neither does our service. We provide holistic financial advisory services to ensure the entirety of your personal financial situation is taken into account.

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A wealth of experience

We’ve got over 40 years of experience helping our clients review their Will as thoroughly as possible, and ensure their personal wishes and family needs are taken care of.

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Long-term client partnership

A carefully planned Will can ensure prosperity for your next generation, so we partner with you for the long term to ensure it remains current and accurate.

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Keep it simple

Reviewing your Will doesn’t have to be complex—but it does have to be thorough. We make it easy for you to understand exactly how we’re undertaking your Will review.

About our Will review experts

Your Will is one of the most important pieces of your personal wealth puzzle. You’ve worked hard your entire life, so you want to make sure that your property and assets are taken care of when you’re no longer around.

However you plan to leave your estate, our expert team ensures that your Will provides clear instructions to ensure that your beneficiaries receive what you want them to.

Kieran Liston, Director | Adviser

Meet our Will review team

We have worked with Liston Newton's Accountancy and Advisory Team for over a decade. During that time, our business has grown substantially both organically and through purchases. This wouldn’t have been possible without Liston Newton Advisory to assist with our business planning, providing proactive advice and ensuring our accounts were always compliant in a complex and volatile industry.
Karsten Horne
CEO, Reho Travel
Liston Newton's Accountants analysed our financial and business situation and helped us implement strategies to improve our position. Their strategies turned our business from making a loss, to recording a 6-month net profit of 36 per cent. And we are now on track to show a 240 per cent increase in turnover over the next financial year.
Lisa Clarke
SL Constructions
Liston Newton helped us move our accounting over to Xero. Their Accountant managed the set up and training so we felt comfortable with the software. We now have all our processes streamlined which gives us improved visibility of our business performance. This has allowed us to open 2 more stores without a significant increase in administration effort.
Peter Luskan

How we review your will

Everything our team does when working with you to review your will is designed to ensure your needs and wishes are taken into account. So we make sure you undertake a thorough Will review at least every five years, or whenever a significant life event takes place.

This is supported by our unique methodology that helps you achieve your objectives for personal wealth creation. We call it Get Set, Get Moving, Get Free.

Find out how we do things
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Work with the Will review experts

Our Estate Planning specialists give you peace of mind when reviewing your Will.

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Get complete comfort that your estate is taken care of

Our Will review specialists help you set up, review, and maintain your Will, and provide expert advice at every step of the way.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a Will?

A Will is a legally binding document that details how you wish your finances, assets, and other property to be distributed after you pass away, or become mentally incapacitated.

There are two general types of Wills, a Simple Will and a Complex Will.

  • A Simple Will clearly and simply states any assets or lump sum payments you want to make, and the beneficiaries for each one. It provides a solid base for any individual without complex financial affairs.
  • A Complex Will goes into more detail than a Simple Will. It puts plans in place that deliver greater control over your assets. This includes things like how to manage your superannuation, or setting up and managing a Testamentary Trust. A Complex Will can put the framework in place to ensure that the wealth you’ve generated doesn’t get lost or squandered once it’s passed on to your beneficiary.
Why is a Will important?

A will is important as it creates a legal set of rules to ensure that your assets and finances are passed on as per your wishes.

If you die without a valid Will, you’re considered to have died intestate. This means that your assets will be passed on in line with your state’s intestacy rules.

While this will typically result in your estate being distributed to your partner or children, this may not always be the case.

Having a clear and comprehensive Will, and ensuring you undertake a Will review every few years, ensures that your assets are managed and distributed as you see fit.

What should you include in a will?

What you include in your Will can differ from person to person, depending on your financial situation.

However, there are a few standard things that you should think about including in your Will:

  • A clear list of beneficiaries to your Will. This can be people, charities, or organisations;
  • A clear list of your assets, their approximate value, and who will receive these assets;
  • A list of any personal items that you want passed on, and their beneficiary;
  • Nominating a guardian for your children, if you have them;
  • Appointing an Executor to carry out the final wishes as outlined in your Will;
  • Any specific instructions for your funeral;
  • Details of the financial professionals who have helped you draft and review your Will; and
  • Allocating enduring powers of attorney to a person you trust to make decisions on your behalf.
How much does a Will cost?

Your average Will can cost anywhere up to $1,000 + GST to draft a simple Will, and up to $2,500 + GST to draft a complex Will.

However, a well-drafted Will is definitely worth the money. Liston Newton Advisory can work with you to determine your needs, and help you create a Will that best serves your needs.

Can you do a Will online for free, and what are the risks?

While it certainly is possible to do a Will online for free, it’s not an option we recommend.

As these aren’t drafted by legal or financial professionals, they may not comply with your corresponding State or Territory legislation. They may not even be legally valid, which means that your wishes aren’t required to be carried out as directed.

Also, many online and ‘free’ Will services make you nominate that company, or an associated company, as your executor. This means that when you pass away, they carry out the executor role, while charging fees to do so. This often can be a percentage of your assets, which works out to be much more expensive than the price of a good Estate Planning team or Will review specialist.

When should you complete a will?

We recommend that any adult over the age of 18 should complete a Will, and review your will every few years. This ensures that at any point in your life, your finances and assets are clearly taken care of.

You may also consider a Will review at these stages in your life:

  • Marriage, separation, divorce, or re-marriage;
  • Moving in with a partner, or entering into a serious de facto relationship;
  • Buying a home, property, or other large assets;
  • When starting or buying a business.

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