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Award winning accounting advice and services for a brighter future

Managing your accounting is easy with the right team by your side. Liston Newton Advisory’s accountants in Malvern make financial planning a breeze, so that you can thrive.

We deliver comprehensive plans aligned to your financial goals, with ongoing support and guidance to keep you on track.

  • Financial statements and reporting
  • Tax returns
  • BAS lodgement and returns
  • ATO and ASIC compliance
  • Bookkeeping
  • Tax minimisation

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Award winning accountants

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Get clear support from seasoned Malvern tax accountants.
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Reach your goals with the right guidance

A wealth of experience

A wealth of experience

Liston Newton Advisory has over 40 years of experience providing specialised personal accounting advice to clients across Malvern.

Full range of service

Full range of service

Our Malvern personal accounting firm can design a bespoke suite of financial services to help you thrive.

Long-term partnerships

Long-term partnerships

We’re in it for the long haul. Whatever the future brings, your Malvern personal accountant will be there to help you adapt and succeed.

Leading industry innovation

Leading industry innovation

We’ve been at the forefront of accountancy innovation for over 40 years, and we’re not stopping anytime soon.

Work with us with confidence and support. We're a Xero Platinum partner.

Discover our Malvern accounting services

Everything our experienced team of accountants in Malvern deliver is designed to help you achieve your financial goals.

We work diligently to provide a quality of service tailored to your unique financial plan.

We offer flexible arrangements, and can work in person or virtually. So whatever your goals are, and however you prefer to operate, we fit into your life seamlessly.

Travis Krantz

Where to find our Malvern accountants

If you seek professional, thorough tax accountants in Malvern, our door is wide open. Our award-winning Malvern tax accountants are ready to meet at your earliest convenience, or will happily set up a virtual meeting.

246 Glenferrie Rd, Malvern VIC 3144
Business hours
Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm

Meet our accountants in Malvern

We have worked with Liston Newton's Accountancy and Advisory Team for over a decade. During that time, our business has grown substantially both organically and through purchases. This wouldn’t have been possible without Liston Newton Advisory to assist with our business planning, providing proactive advice and ensuring our accounts were always compliant in a complex and volatile industry.
Karsten Horne
CEO, Reho Travel
Liston Newton's Accountants analysed our financial and business situation and helped us implement strategies to improve our position. Their strategies turned our business from making a loss, to recording a 6-month net profit of 36 per cent. And we are now on track to show a 240 per cent increase in turnover over the next financial year.
Lisa Clarke
SL Constructions
Liston Newton helped us move our accounting over to Xero. Their Accountant managed the set up and training so we felt comfortable with the software. We now have all our processes streamlined which gives us improved visibility of our business performance. This has allowed us to open 2 more stores without a significant increase in administration effort.
Peter Luskan

Our Malvern accountants unique methodology

At Liston Newton Advisory, we’ve spent the last 40 years developing a unique methodology to guide our clients towards financial freedom.

Our Malvern accounting services develop a financial plan that aligns to your goals. The result is a clear roadmap to financially secure future.

We call this methodology Get Set, Get Moving, Get Free. We know it works, and our existing clients happily vouch for it, too.

And we know it works because we've used it ourselves.

Learn more about our methodology
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Trust Malvern’s expert tax accountants

Get exceptional accounting services that you can rely on, with experience that speaks for itself.

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Our Malvern tax accountants will make sense of your numbers

Our accounting team will help you manage your finances, from start to finish.

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Frequently asked questions

Why do I need a personal accountant?

Your tax accountant in Malvern doesn’t just crunch your numbers. They’re there to act as your financial partner, to help you understand how your decisions now can help you work towards your financial plan for the future.

They'll help you prepare your tax return and your financial statements, but they also provide peace of mind that your finances are in the best of health. The right accountant will work with you to make sure you stay on track.

What other services does an accountant provide?

Liston Newton Advisory’s accountants and tax accountants in Malvern deliver guidance and support to help you thrive. We provide:

  • Business accounting
  • BAS accounting
  • Xero setup & support
  • Tax planning & minimisation
  • Tax returns
  • ATO & ASIC compliance
  • Corporate tax planning
  • And much more

Contact our Malvern accountants to talk about your personal or business strategies.

Do I need specialised accounting software? What should I use?

These days it’s not sustainable to manage your accounts without specialised accounting software. The right software platform helps make it easy by automating your admin tasks and ensuring your numbers are correct. In addition, it collates your financial information and allows you to send it directly to your accountant.

When it comes to accounting platforms, we recommend looking into Xero. With market-leading performance, intuitive dashboards, and an easy-to-use interface, Xero makes your accounting easy. As a cloud-based platform you can use it on any device, wherever you are. It also allows you to collaborate with your accountant, giving them the information they need to make your business more tax effective.

How do I minimise my tax?

When planned properly, there are many good options your tax accountant in Malvern can recommend to help you minimise your tax.

These methods may include:

  • Making personal super fund contributions
  • Buying assets that are tax-deductible
  • Expense prepayment for the next year
  • Holding tax deductable income protection

It all depends on your financial plan, so your accountant will tailor your tax minimisation strategies to ensure the best outcome.

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