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The seamless way to transfer your financial information

You don’t have to worry about losing your financial information when you set up a Xero account. We can help you keep it all in one place.

Our Xero conversion experts will help you transfer your critical business financial data from your current platform to your new Xero account. No lost data, no missing numbers—it’s all there in one central place.

Like your data, you’ll become a Xero convert.

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Learn more about your business with our comprehensive guides

At Liston Newton Advisory, we take pride in helping business owners get more out of their hard work. Our downloadable guides can give you an in-depth look at strategies and technologies that will help your business grow.

  • Discover tax strategies and business structures available to you
  • Understand and apply new business management technology
  • Get in touch with us for information tailored to your business

Xero expertise that’s built on a wealth of experience

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40+ years in the business

We’ve been supporting Australian businesses achieve their financial goals for over 40 years. With Xero, we’ll help you take the next step towards your business’ success.

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Holistic advice

From comprehensive Xero support, through to long-term financial planning, we ensure you put all the right pieces in place.

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Long-term client partnerships

We work with you for the long term, so you can continue relying on our knowledge and understanding of your business to help you move forward.

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Leading industry innovation

We encourage our clients to take advantage of not just Xero, but to embrace change and innovation in all your business’ financial needs.We encourage our clients to take advantage of not just Xero, but to embrace change and innovation in all your business’ financial needs.

Discover a full range of Xero services

Whether you’re a new business, or you've been in the industry for years, we make it easy for you to undertake a full Xero migration of your important business data. Regardless of your current software platform we can help you ensure all your critical data arrives safe and sound.

We are specialists in how to convert to Xero. We make sure your Xero migration captures everything, from your basic accounting information, to your complete chart of accounts and balances. It’s all about ensuring a seamless transition, with no business downtime.

John Liston, Director | Adviser

Meet our Xero accountants and advisors

We have worked with Liston Newton's Accountancy and Advisory Team for over a decade. During that time, our business has grown substantially both organically and through purchases. This wouldn’t have been possible without Liston Newton Advisory to assist with our business planning, providing proactive advice and ensuring our accounts were always compliant in a complex and volatile industry.
Karsten Horne
CEO, Reho Travel
Liston Newton's Accountants analysed our financial and business situation and helped us implement strategies to improve our position. Their strategies turned our business from making a loss, to recording a 6-month net profit of 36 per cent. And we are now on track to show a 240 per cent increase in turnover over the next financial year.
Lisa Clarke
SL Constructions
Liston Newton helped us move our accounting over to Xero. Their Accountant managed the set up and training so we felt comfortable with the software. We now have all our processes streamlined which gives us improved visibility of our business performance. This has allowed us to open 2 more stores without a significant increase in administration effort.
Peter Luskan

Our methodology for business success

Throughout our years we’ve developed a comprehensive methodology to ensure your goals remain on track, so you remain in control of your financial future.

Converting your business to Xero is no different. We can help you with advice, support, and training to set up your Xero account, at every stage of your business.

With the right guidance, you’ll be able to automate your day-to-day accounting procedures, so you can focus on the important things.

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Expertise you can trust

Xero is just one piece of the puzzle. Get expert financial advice and guidance for now, and the long term.

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Trust your accounting software conversion to Melbourne’s experts

Your Xero conversion is easy when you work with a Xero Platinum Partner.

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Frequently asked questions

How long does a Xero conversion take?

Every organisation is different, so a Xero conversion differs from business to business. As such, different factors such as business size and complexity will affect your Xero accounting software conversion.

The conversion process itself needs to be seamless, in order to avoid leaving your business without an operational accounting platform. As such, the bulk of the work goes into meticulous planning, preparation, research, and data entry.

However, as a rough guide, a complete Xero conversion can take up to around 3 months, from engagement to completion.

Can I do a Xero conversion mid-way through a financial year?

Yes, you can. However, while there aren’t any problems in doing that, our preference and advice is to leave your Xero accounting software conversion until year-end. This is the cleanest method, and leaves you with a fresh, new accounting platform for the new year.

Should you choose to undertake a Xero conversion mid-way through the financial year, we recommend picking a go-live date preferably at the end of a reporting period.

Can I retain my existing Chart of Accounts?

In most circumstances, yes you can. Xero has a reasonably flexible Chart of Accounts that will allow you to duplicate your information from a previous software.

Some of the more custom accounting packages may have in-built custom features that Xero can’t duplicate. In this instance, it’s worthwhile checking the requirements of your business before going ahead with the program.

We generally find that the Xero migration process is a great time to reevaluate your business and finance operations to see if there’s a better way to do things. Your current Chart of Accounts may be outdated and a freshen up might be just what it needs.

How much does a Xero conversion cost?

Similar to the length of time for a Xero migration, the cost will differ between businesses.

When you consider the planning, conversion, training, and integration processes included, these projects can be quite complex.

For a small business that doesn’t need many integrations and complex operations you may be looking at a few thousand dollars, from start to finish. This includes some basic training.

For larger businesses, with many different functions that need to be built in, you’re likely looking at $10,000 and upwards.

What are the other key items to think about during a Xero migration?

There are many other items to consider when thinking about a Xero conversion. These include:

  • Whether you need to access your prior data from your old system post conversion.
  • What other systems and software your business uses that needs to integrate to your current package.
  • The level of training your staff needs to manage their new Xero platform.

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